Spiritual Survival

"The one who stands firm to the end will be saved."


Truth. That’s it. This website is all about sharing biblical truth that is not heard in most churches or Christian circles, because it is not all popular, comfortable, or what itching ears want to hear. If you can handle the truth, even hard truth, you should find this website useful.

It is too easy today to simply move to the church down the street as soon as you hear a message you don’t like or want. Therefore, to keep their seats filled (the only true measure of success in a church, sarcasm mine) most simply do not, will not, share what is unpopular.

It is no wonder the largest church in the United States is Joel Osteen’s, who is an admitted motivational positive thinking speaker, as opposed to a preacher and teacher of truth.

This site will never be wildly popular, but neither will we ever shrink back from the truth of scripture!

We do not assume to understand all things perfectly, but we will not fear sharing what we believe to be true due to fear of rejection. We believe you deserve better!