Spiritual Survival

"The one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

What Time Is It?

The Bible has a lot of information about what the end of this era will look like. I strongly encourage each of you to study these things for yourself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as discussed in the last section. There are many interpretations and unending opinions about what it all means and what it will look like. God Himself is the only one with a perfect understanding and agenda.

Some question if we should even try to understand the season, but it seems clear from Jesus’ teachings that He expected us to pay attention and recognize the time in which we live. He was directly asked by His disciples about indicators regarding the end of time. Instead of rebuking them for asking He proceeded to give an extensive teaching, discussing many signs, that was recorded in all three of the synoptic gospels (Matt 24&25, Mark 13, & Luke 21).

An important question is how soon will these events unfold? No person knows with certainty the answer to that question. However, we do all know and agree we are closer today than anyone has ever been in the history of the world.

You will have to decide for yourself the answer to this question, but understand the impact of your opinion in this matter; How soon you believe these events will unfold will directly affect the degree of urgency and amount of effort you put into preparing for them.

Many of us, even though we may not agree on what this is going to look like, do agree that we are going to find out very soon. Since we know they are coming at some point in time, erring on the side of caution may be prudent.