Spiritual Survival

"The one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

What Do You Believe?

Know your core non-negotiables very well. Everything you currently believe is going to be challenged. You may be used to your faith being challenged since the world does not like, or easily accept, the accountability that comes from a belief in God. However, the coming challenges are going to be different than arguing about interpretations. They are going to be supernatural at their core. You are going to need to decide ahead of time where to draw a line in the sand that will not be crossed regardless of cost. There is already a perfect example of what this could look like, in fact it may be the set up for what is to come.

“The Mandela Effect” is described as a phenomenon of collective false memory. Millions of unattached people remember a very specific event, logo, famous line from a movie etc. in the exact same way; the only problem is… it is false. Provable evidence shows it is not as remembered by so many. Not only is it proven to be false, it is proven to have NEVER been the way it is remembered. I could give hundreds of examples, but check it out for yourself. If you are over 20, I guarantee you will find some “truths” you will not believe!

This, in my opinion, is a multi-tiered deception. Of those who accept it as more than just another conspiracy theory, most will largely dismiss it as collective bad memory. It is being labelled “a condition” some are “affected” with, implying help may be needed.

I believe this is intended as a set up to get people to question their own cognitive abilities, especially when evidence is presented to the contrary of what you know to be true. All the smart people who take it seriously, however, offer an explanation. They go into detail about parallel universes, or alternate realities, and due to experiments at CERN, they say, we have simply crossed over into another timeline.  Simple right? Makes sense, right? Look at the evidence after all! To me it is more than a coincidence that Daniel wrote about 2,500 years ago that the antichrist would, “attempt to change the set times and the laws”.

I don’t believe their explanation, at all! I believe they are sincere, they are simply sincerely wrong. I am convinced this is the work of the enemy setting up the great deception. Some things HAVE been changed, on a grand scale, but this is not new. I’ve been studying similar events done on a small scale at the summoning of “demonic magicians” for years.

Decide now what you are completely convinced of that will never in your mind change regardless of the supposed facts, evidence, arguments or anything else that will be later presented to challenge those very things. Come up with your own list, but I would suggest you include…

  1. The Bible is THE Word of God
  2. EVERY one of us needs a Savior to be right with God
  3. Jesus is THE Son of God
  4. He came IN THE FLESH from heaven
  5. He lived the ONLY sinless life ever lived
  6. He ALONE suffered, died, and was buried to pay for OUR sin
  7. He rose from the dead on the third day proving who He is
  8. Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father

Beyond your non-negotiables be flexible. Others will see some things differently and that’s okay. One of the enemy’s tactics will be to divide those who may support each other. Look at the many denominations of the one church today. Some splits have been necessary due to non-negotiables, such as the protestant reformation causing a split from the Catholic church, others have been over insignificant issues about musical instruments and the length of woman’s hair. Do not become religious about your secondary beliefs. Remember, God is not religious, and He certainly does not demand of us to have perfect understanding, just know who His Son is and what He has done.