Spiritual Survival

"The one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

What Is The BIG Picture?

Gain and maintain a big picture perspective. What I mean by big picture is to have a heavenly view of Earthly matters. While God is very interested in the small details of our lives, to the point that He has numbered the hairs on our head, when it comes to our eternal destination He will allow the smaller things to be sacrificed. In fact, He will allow the biggest of Earthly things to be lost when necessary to gain the heavenly gifts. “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”  

Job’s story is a great illustration. Most believe it to be a story of suffering, but it is not; it is a story of faith. With all the loss Job suffered, he refused to do as even his wife encouraged (no doubt out of her own pain of loss) “Curse God and die!” she said. He persevered to the end with his faith intact because he had a big picture perspective. In the end he was greatly blessed in this world and no doubt the next.

Keep the goal of spiritual survival discussed earlier as the only ultimate goal. Smaller goals may have to be sacrificed to successfully reach this all important one.

We are all created with a natural desire to self-preserve. I believe even greater than this is our desire to preserve and protect our loved ones. As noble as these goals are they must become secondary when compared to our goal of spiritual survival. The greatest service of preservation we can give to our loved ones is to instill this same priority into them. You may not be present to assist when they are forced to make an eternal life or death decision, so teach them ahead of time (such as knowing the non-negotiables and never take the Mark of the Beast, even if doing so could save your life).

Such decisions are not natural, which is why training and preparation must take place before facing these decisions. What good parent would not do ANYTHING to save the life of their child? With such things as eternity at stake, we can’t afford simple natural decisions.